M50- Film Poster

M50 film poster 3
Ryan’s contribution to the second manifestation of the ‘small steps’ project, was a film poster whose advertised feature, ‘M50’, referred to the radical overhauling of the contemporary Southern Irish infrastructure during a period of unprecedented and very unevenly distributed economic prosperity. The image on the poster was of the interior of the Liffey Valley shopping centre. Both title and image were all but obliterated by a welter of review copy and film credits almost all of which were attributed to people with the surname Ryan. The work was at once a wry comment on the  incestuous nature of the closely knit Irish film community and a more caustic comment on the corrupt clientelism and nepotism of the similarly close-knit business and political communities which control the state’s infrastructural development.” Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith, Small Steps Catalogue, 2000.