The Fire Department

The Fire Department 3
A collaborative project by Rose Thomas, Orla Ryan and Brian Hand.
(CCA handout 2000)

The Fire Department is a proposed new library for Glasgow which will be a space for
those involved in the visual arts as artists, audiences, commentators and managers to see
and engage with new publications in this field. The Fire Department will be a holding
centre for printed material that will with time flow into the public library system. It will
be a filter not a storehouse. It aims to establish a staging post in the flux of the
contemporary moment and not to be an institution that needs to endlessly grow. The Fire
Department will through partnership integrate a new collection of books and periodicals
into the public library system, where an identifiable collection will be established and
available for reference. The centre plans to be a space of discussion, debate and research,
a place to open oneself to new ideas and influences.

Aims of The Fire Department

To establish a new type of library that gathers contemporary art ideas and debates
published in new books and periodicals.

To create a new collection of books, periodicals and printed material of interest to the
visual arts within the public library system.

The Fire Department will blur the edges between gallery and library. The programme of
the Fire Dept. plans to invite artists, curators, publishers and writers to buy a certain
amount of books and then discuss their choice or issues related to their choice in
seminars. In this way there will be more than one author to the collection as it develops.

The Fire department aims to be a space for creative and intellectual research, a place for
discussion both formal and informal, a social space for an expanded art community.

To establish an archive of artist’s video and sound work and to provide computer
terminals for access to artist’s web sites.

The Fire Department aims to complement the programming of art spaces in Glasgow and
Scotland generally. It also aims to develop international links.

If you want to find out more about the Fire Dept. please see our web site on the computer

Open Talk on The Fire Department Sunday 7th of May at 2pm